My name is Trouble. (jaba_the_butt) wrote in art_whores_inc,
My name is Trouble.

i don't usually write poetry. but whatever

"Silly! Colors arn't real."

You know what?
The sky isn't blue. It's purple.
and if you stare at it long enough, you'll realize that.
The ocean isn't blue either, it's pink.
with golden fishes and orange mammals.
But nothing is ever blue,
so noone can ever be blue.
Only smurfs are blue,
and that's only because our TVs are set wrong.

The sun is black.
When you look at her and then look away.
The sun is naked.
And she's proud to be naked.
So proud that it can kill people.
That's why the clouds are always trying to censure her.

And the grass is turquoise.
Our skin is checkered.
And one day we're all going to die,
and our blood will be magenta.
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