Jen (runsackwanderer) wrote in art_whores_inc,

basically one of those "i have two pieces due tomorrow and i'm sick and i'm only doing one and the bare minimum of that one to get credit for tomorrow" paintings.
hanley said to leave the background blank until we can decide what color to do in the background. any suggestions?

Image hosted by
whole thing

Image hosted by
close up left side
i know my nose is huge don't make fun of me.
and my lips probably aren't that big.
and maybe i shouldnt have cut my chin that short.
but whateva i can fix it.
this is my bad side. this is why i rarely ever take pictures from that angle. thanks.

Image hosted by
close up right side

with reference from this picture
Image hosted by

i don't care what it looks like
semi x-posted in my journal
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