Jen (runsackwanderer) wrote in art_whores_inc,

project for my computer graphics class. i'm open to constructive criticism.

Image hosted by
yes i know this is a photoshop project. but i need some help on this. please?

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the photo is great and the font looks awesome..
the X across her mouth looks kind of generic though...
i think it would look better if it was a bit more like the font..
more structure to it i guess... or maybe the stiched up mouth look rather then an X...
overall it's great!

ha ha... music by harry and the potters...nice
I personaly think the x is to direct to the title.
I would get rid fo the x, and put some colors on a level behind the eye. (eye window to the soul) THat may sound cheasy but the image itself has a secretive "dont tell"face already. And if you put that base behind it i think it give the idea the person is hinding something. My personal opinion.

The font for the title is hot... werd
and kaet buckwalter

lol. you know how in movies they always have the most awesome person at the end. i couldn't resist :ob

and i'm glad you know how awesome it is.